Thursday, 26 July 2012

How to Remove Stickers From Glass

All around the globe glass is used for various purposes. They are used as windows on the buildings or the houses that are inhabitate by people. They may be used as decorative items inside house in order to make it more beautiful. Sometimes buildings are constructed to the full extent by the use of glass. Household chores also use the aid of glass. People use dishes in the kitchen which are made up of glass. Most of the things which are used at home are glasses for water and other liquid consumption. This makes glass one of the most used things in the world. However sometimes these glass items get damaged and one need to do a lot of things in order to bring them back to their original outlook.

Why does glass get damaged?

Mostly glass gets damaged by scratches that are made on them. But sometimes other factors also play a role in making them look awful especially at home. On windows of homes where children are present use of stickers is extensive. Children sometimes apply stickers on the windows which look very ugly when guests come to your place. And one needs to remove them at any cost. Professional cleaners take a lot of money and one cannot afford it. Therefore using homemade is a better way to clean your windows. Children use different kinds of custom stickers on the windows and even on the mirrors or the decorative items of the house. This makes everything seem awful. Removal of stickers is not only the problem at homes but in commercial buildings. Logos are stuck on the glass however, when some other company buys that building it is necessary to remove the previous logo that are usually vinyl stickers.

How to remove stickers from glass?

There are various ways through which stickers can be removed from glass and one does not have to worry about getting embarrassed in front of guests. It is easy to remove stickers from glass surface if you put your mind onto it. What you need is some products which are usually available at home and if not they are cheap items which can be found in any nearby superstore. The things which one need are any kind of solvent, cotton and a razor. One can always take other kind of methods removing them by searching for online custom stickers removal techniques.

What you need to do is put the solvent on the cotton ball and slowly rub it on the sticker in order for it to soak in to paper of the sticker. The solvent could be any kind of oil such as olive oil, vegetable oil or nail polish remover. Most of the times people tend to use nail polish remover. After soaking the solvent, use the aid of a razor and start scraping the sticker from the ends which would have become soft because of the use of solvent which would have broken the bond of glue. Keep repeating this process until the sticker is completely removed. We offer versatile sticker printing solutions in USA.

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